Monday, December 8, 2014

Temple preperation class

We are just finishing up our second Temple preparation class. We are going to the Manila Temple on the 24th to the 29th of March 2015. One of the families taking the class, Brother Tan will receive his Endowment and he and Sister Poh Im will be sealed. Another family. the Soon's, will be going to Taiwan in May for their sons graduation and they will receive their endowments and be sealed as a family. Grace and Christian, their children will be going on missions in June.We hope to go with them to the Temple.
Back row left to right; Sister Poh Im, Brother Tan, Jie Yao (going to Johannesburg South Africa in January), Dick Yeap (future missionary), Joash Lou (papers turned in waiting for call), Sister Chrissy and Jocelyn Lou. Front row left to right; Brother Brent and Soon family Grace, Ruth and Samuel. Fantastic class


The malls are decorated for Christmas and the play Christmas music from the middle of November but that is the only place we see Christmas decorations. A few homes have small Christmas trees but it does not feel like Christmas, hot and green.

A Pirate theme Christmas in Penang at Straits Cay

Christmas in Singapore
 We are in Singapore for Zone Conference and Couples Conference. We went to Orchard Street .
The Malls decorations

The lights of Orchard Street

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thanksgiving dinner

All of the missionaries in the branch went to the Neilsons home for dinner. They are an expat  family who just moved to Malaysia about two months  ago. It was great to have dinner with them. Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Malaysia so it was good to spend part of the day with Americans. The missionaries had two hours to spend with them. The Neilsons also invited two Chinese families from his work.

Wheelchair turning over

The Humanitarian Missionaries asked us to help them with a handing over of wheelchairs at Cheshire Homes. It was good to be involved with humanitarian work again. We had a very nice program and the
Church received some good recognition
Tjoeng, Yoon Kee our Branch President

The mother suffers from the affects of Polio and the father cannot use his legs but working together with their daughter they get around on their moto  his wheelchair tied on back and her crutches under their feet, off they go.

Everyone getting ready for the program.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ride around the island

PK and President Choong took us for a ride around the island. On the back side it is more rural and very beautiful. There is a nutmeg factory and they show you around the factory and explain all about nutmeg. When we arrived we found a small house with a covered area and a lady who explained it. It was very interesting to learn about nutmeg.

Almost like home but oh so hot and humid!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Zone meeeting

We have zone meeting once a month and it is usually in Ipoh. Sister Chris likes to feed the missionaries so she organizes a meal each time. The food is very good and there is always plenty but the missionaries love to eat.


They love eggs here. They have many ways to prepare them. Century eggs take 100 days to prepare, they were soaked in horse urine in the past but now they are soaked in chemicals. They look terrible but do not taste too bad (almost good). The herbal eggs are soaked in soy sauce and are quite good.
We have FHE in our home for the singles in the branch every Monday night

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Our last couples conference in Singapore we went to Little China and Little India. It is amazing how may businesses they get in a small area. We also went to the zoo for the day, the Pandas were so fun to watch. There is construction all over Singapore and it is all up. This is a construction site we saw on the way from the airport to the hotel. I could not get all of the cranes on just this sight, there were six in all. It must be a very big project.

Talent show

Our Branch activity for October was a talent show in which many of the branch members participated. We had a great time. We had singing, dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, violinists, poetry and piano. One member is an entertainer and she played the ukalaley and the kids really had fun participating. Lim Shau Ming is a professional violinist (it was beautiful), he tours all over the world. Addy is the youngest daughter of an ex-pat family and her hair is naturally this way. We all had a great time. Lim Shau Ming is a proffesional violinist, he pla

Friday, October 31, 2014

Missionary Sisters

Sister Lewis and Sister Alfrey have been working very hard and they working very hard and they work together very well. They enjoy riding their bikes, I sometimes wonder how they make it with the crazy traffic, they have very busy guardian angles most days. They are both very competitive and they made a wager one day. The looser had to eat a whole large pizza. Sister Alfrey lost and ate the whole Pizza.
She had a lot of support from the missionaries.

Baptisms in the Penang Branch

We have had two Baptisms during this transfer, the Elders taught Nathan and he was baptized on the 20th of September, then he went to Kuala Lumpur to school.
The Sisters have been teaching Sister Jeffer and she was Baptized the next day September 21. She is going to be a great addition to the Branch.
Kamran and Nabeela were going to be baptized October 31 but President Mains decided that they had better wait until the UN finds a country that will give them permanent residency. They had tom leave Pakistan because of prosecution. They are Christians and he was almost killed several times for their beliefs so they applied for refugee status from the UN and came to Malaysia. President Mains said it was alright for them to be baptized but then he decided that because Pakistan and Malaysia are Muslim countries it would be better for them to wait. Everyone was very disappointed but Sister Lewis pointed out that things will be done on the Lord's time not ours. The missionaries have been working very hard and are teaching some wonder people.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mission call

Tan Jie Yao is a young man in the Branch who just received his mission call. He will be the first Missionary from Malaysia to go to South Africa. It is wonderful to see missionaries from so many countries being called all over the world.
Tan Jie Yao reading his mission call


Brother Tan, Wee Ming and Sister Poo Im took us to the largest display of crystals in Malaysia. It was beautiful. There is a mountain that has many caves and all of the crystals came from it. If you water the crystals they will grow. We purchased a small crystal and Sharon is watering it about 3 times a week and it is growing surprising fast.
Brother Wee Ming, Pei Chen and Sister Poh Im. All of the crystals came out of the mountain in the picture

Kamron and Nabeela

The Sisters are teaching this family. They are from Pakistan and are refugees in Malaysia. He was a police officer and was receiving so much persecution because he is a Christian. His life was threatened several time. Their neighbors would not let the children pay with their children because they said they were dirty. When they went into a restaurant they were asked if they were Christian when they said yes the owner would refuse service. Kamron was almost killed several times so they decided to get out. What a wonderful family and they have a Baptism date set. It has been a pleasure to get to know them.

Kamron, Nabeela, Isaac and Jerusa

Home teaching

One of our home teaching families is a single sister who lives in Taiping. It takes us about 1 hour to drive to Taiping. She comes to church almost every week. Sometimes we invite her for Sunday Dinner and home teaching and sometimes we drive to Taiping and spend the day to do home teaching.
There is a zoo in Taiping which we enjoyed and it is a beautiful town.
Sister Yeoh, Phooi Yin (Angela)

The tree branches form a canopy for the road
Shark fin to be added to the soup (a delicacy)

We had a wonderful day at the Zoo with Sister Angels it was interesting to see monkeys running all over the zoo

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Food of Penang

Saturday evening sister Chrissy took the missionaries to some Hocker stands. This is Malaysia's food court and Penang is famous for its food. Very Interesting, the oysters and scrambled eggs are a specialty ( the scrambled eggs were ok ).

Oysters and scrambled eggs

Malaysian food court

Birthday party 15 August 2014

We had a surprise birthday party for Sister Chrissy ( the Seminary teacher ) and Jie Yao ( one of the students ). We bake cakes for the parties and everyone else brings pot luck. It was a lot of fun for all who attended.
Sister Chrissy ( next to Sister Angus )

It was a great party
Dick Yhep invited all of the missionaries in the branch to help him celebrate his birthday, we went to a Korean Bar-B-Que where they bring the food and we cook it on the grill in the middle of the table.

We made the muffins for his Birthday cake