Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Waterfal Temple

On "P" day we went to the Waterfall Temple. It is a Hindu temple that sets on the side of Penang hill.
There are almost 500 steeps up to the temple.
Waterfall Temple

Inside the temple

One of the sons of the god
This sign is posted an the stairs and I thought how true it is in life and when we finally return to our Heavenly Father it will be so TRUE!
No matter what language
The message is the same

Friday, July 25, 2014

Our trip to the Batik factory

The Batik factory is where they put patterns on fabric by hand. It was very interesting to watch the procedure as the ladies painted the stain on the  fabric. They started with white cloth and died it blue. There was an older gentleman  who stamped a pattern on with wax. This controlled the stain colors in the pattern. then they stained the different areas different colors after which they removed the wax and everything was outlined in blue. They will use a maximum of four colors. It is a labor intensive process but the results are beautiful. Fascinating to watch.

Hand staining a bolt of fabric

Very colorful

The flowers are drawn in wax before they start staining.

The factory

Thursday, July 24, 2014


We enjoy going to  the market, it is very much like in Guyana but inside a building.
Fruit market

Market building

Vegetable market


Every thing is sold separate with all of the vendors for that item in the same area.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Manila Philippins

We had a wonderful trip to the Philippines. Our first time there, our first Typhoon and many new friends.
We arrived Tuesday evening and the transport driver said that they were expecting a Typhoon to move in that night. It moved in about 3:00 am. When we went to the Temple it was raining and the wind was blowing. The power lines were blowing down with sparks, later we heard that 4 million people were out of power. This video was taken at the Temple as we waited for enough Temple Workers to arrive for the session. They were able to get enough workers from all three shifts that lived close to have the session and sealing. Then they closed the Temple for to rest of the day. As we went back to the Hotel there were tree limbs all over and trees blown over.

People selling things among the cars a stoplight reminded us of Trinidad

Public transportation

They come in many colors

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our Zone

Every six weeks we have transfers and our Zone changes. We have district meeting every Tuesday of the month except one and that Tuesday we have zone meeting. The missionaries get moved quite often. When we meet in Ipoh for zone meeting, Sister Chris and Sister Patricia furnish a wonderful meal for us. Ipoh is considered Heaven by the missionaries because they get food all the time, they love it and always put on a few pounds while serving there.

Manila trip

We returned from the Manila Temple on the 19th of July 2014. Sister Iswarie and her daughters went to the Temple for the first time. Her husband is deceased and they want to be sealed as a family. She received her Endowment and the family was sealed for eternity. It was a very special experience for all of us. She also had some names for her family and members of the branch. We were able to complete all of the work, with some tender mercies from the Lord. It is a beautiful Temple and the Philippine people are wonderful.

President Choong

President Choong and his brother PK at our home for lunch
President Choong had a stroke before we came and was in the hospital when we first met him. He now lives with his brother P K and we take a meal into them every Wednesday we are in Penang. Recently they have started coming to our home for the meal. President Choong goes in for Physio before and then they come over and we prepare the food. P K wants to learn how to prepare western food and he wants President Choong to write a book on cooking. This will give hi something to do. When we go to their home the missionaries come with us. It is a very good experience.

Visits to the various Religious sites

The main religions in Malaysia are Christian, Buddha, Hindu and Muslim. There are many Temples around Penang that are open to the public. We enjoy visiting them and seeing the beautiful workmanship.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Local cuisine with Sister Chrissy

Sister Chrissy and her children Joash and Jocelyn love to take the missionaries out to eat the local cuisine. They take all of us to the local places. Some are very nice and others are very interesting. We went to an Indian restaurant and had a rice dish that had seafood, it was very good but it it very interesting when you are eating small squid tentacles with the suction cups on them.
Indian Restaurant

Open air kitchen (see orange shirt in the top of picture above)

Korean Bar-B-Que ( they  cook your food at your table for you)

Sister Chrissy, Jocelyn and Joash

Korean Bar-B-Que (pick your food at buffet and cook your own at the table

Santos Island 27 June 2014

We had a very nice day at Santos island, loved the Aquarium.

Full size replica

Mirlion, symbol of Santos Island

FHE July 7, 2014

We ha Monday night for the Single Adults, our attendance varies but this week we had a great turn out. Sometimes we get very rowdy and I'm afraid one of these nights they will ask us to leave but so far we are OK

We had 22 in attendance tonight. A lot of missionaries and members with 2 investigators.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Couples Conference June 2014

Mission Couples

West Malaysia Zones
We have a Couples Conference every 3 months in Singapore. We only get 90 days on our Passport stamps so we must leave the Country every 3 months to get our Passports chopped. We have Zone Conference and Couples Conference at this time and we can stay in Singapore an extra day to see the sites if we want to pay for the hotel.
The conferences were great, very informative and spiritual. This time there are 18 missionaries going home, when they shared their testimonies before going home it was such a special experience. There are also 4 couples going home before our next conference so they each had a presentation on their experiences.

On our extra day we went to Santosa Island. It is an amusement park and has a great aquarium. We had a very nice day, starting with a ride on the MRT. We rode the Trolley over to the island, a great view of the area and the interesting architecture of Singapore.
some of the beautiful building in Singapore

Our ride to the  island
There are always many ships around Singapore