Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ride around the island

PK and President Choong took us for a ride around the island. On the back side it is more rural and very beautiful. There is a nutmeg factory and they show you around the factory and explain all about nutmeg. When we arrived we found a small house with a covered area and a lady who explained it. It was very interesting to learn about nutmeg.

Almost like home but oh so hot and humid!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Zone meeeting

We have zone meeting once a month and it is usually in Ipoh. Sister Chris likes to feed the missionaries so she organizes a meal each time. The food is very good and there is always plenty but the missionaries love to eat.


They love eggs here. They have many ways to prepare them. Century eggs take 100 days to prepare, they were soaked in horse urine in the past but now they are soaked in chemicals. They look terrible but do not taste too bad (almost good). The herbal eggs are soaked in soy sauce and are quite good.
We have FHE in our home for the singles in the branch every Monday night

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Our last couples conference in Singapore we went to Little China and Little India. It is amazing how may businesses they get in a small area. We also went to the zoo for the day, the Pandas were so fun to watch. There is construction all over Singapore and it is all up. This is a construction site we saw on the way from the airport to the hotel. I could not get all of the cranes on just this sight, there were six in all. It must be a very big project.

Talent show

Our Branch activity for October was a talent show in which many of the branch members participated. We had a great time. We had singing, dancing, gymnastics, martial arts, violinists, poetry and piano. One member is an entertainer and she played the ukalaley and the kids really had fun participating. Lim Shau Ming is a professional violinist (it was beautiful), he tours all over the world. Addy is the youngest daughter of an ex-pat family and her hair is naturally this way. We all had a great time. Lim Shau Ming is a proffesional violinist, he pla