Friday, October 31, 2014

Missionary Sisters

Sister Lewis and Sister Alfrey have been working very hard and they working very hard and they work together very well. They enjoy riding their bikes, I sometimes wonder how they make it with the crazy traffic, they have very busy guardian angles most days. They are both very competitive and they made a wager one day. The looser had to eat a whole large pizza. Sister Alfrey lost and ate the whole Pizza.
She had a lot of support from the missionaries.

Baptisms in the Penang Branch

We have had two Baptisms during this transfer, the Elders taught Nathan and he was baptized on the 20th of September, then he went to Kuala Lumpur to school.
The Sisters have been teaching Sister Jeffer and she was Baptized the next day September 21. She is going to be a great addition to the Branch.
Kamran and Nabeela were going to be baptized October 31 but President Mains decided that they had better wait until the UN finds a country that will give them permanent residency. They had tom leave Pakistan because of prosecution. They are Christians and he was almost killed several times for their beliefs so they applied for refugee status from the UN and came to Malaysia. President Mains said it was alright for them to be baptized but then he decided that because Pakistan and Malaysia are Muslim countries it would be better for them to wait. Everyone was very disappointed but Sister Lewis pointed out that things will be done on the Lord's time not ours. The missionaries have been working very hard and are teaching some wonder people.