Saturday, May 31, 2014

Ipho District Conference

We had District Conference and traveled to Ipho. All of the missionaries wanted to go early Sat morning and stop at some places on our way. We went to the palace of the Sultan that is now a museum. Then we stopped at a large Mosque. We were going to go in but they were having prayers and it was closed to the public.

Women must be dressed appropriately to enter the Mosque so they have gowns and head scarfs for them to put on over their street clothes. 

, This is the old Palace, the new one sits on a hill and is surrounded by a large fence with lots of trees and shrubbery.

New Palace
 We could not take pictures inside the museum but there were many beautiful outfits that were worn by royalty for many generations as well as gifts from other foreign leaders. The royalty lives a very lavish life style while most of the citizens live in very humble conditions. It has been this way for many generations. The gold and precious jewel encrusted crowns and jewelry were beautiful but I could not help but think how the money could be used to improve the lives of the people.

Sister Bradfield, Sister Angus and Sister Ramahafarievo

 We had a very good District Conference with great messages, there is great importance being placed on member missionaries and what a responsibility we have as members of the church to share the Gospel with our friends and family. The conference messages helped us see different ways to do this.
It stressed the importance of members and full time missionaries working together to hasten the work of the Lord. Because the District covers such a large geographical are we had a meal provided after the meetings. It was fun to visit with the members and get to know them better.                                
Everyone enjoys time together after District Conference
A view of Ipoh from our Hotel window

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our Chapel

The church cannot build a building but we have renovated  and added on to a large home and have a very nice building.
The front door

View from the street

The sign is not visible from the street
We love our building and it is on a large lot so the church can build a very nice chapel some day.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Time with the Missionaries

We have District Meeting with the missionaries on Tuesday at 11:00 am. Then we go out to lunch. One of the favorite places to go is Fatty Lohs for chicken rice. Sharon and I get a single serving each which is just right and the missionaries get a double serving. There is competition between some of the elders to see who can eat the most servings. The most so far is 3 double servings by Elder Mouala. That is a lot of food and he is really sweating before he is finished. Several of the missionaries eat 2 double servings.
There are places to eat everywhere, it seems like every small nook is a place to eat. This one has very good food and has very unique decor.


The missionaries get so many orders that they give us free food. The Elders usually don't eat much of it because they want chicken rice. There are some interesting dishes and some are very good. I try them all but the most unusual one so far is chicken foot with vegetable in a vinegar sauce. (nothing that I would order)