Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mission call

Tan Jie Yao is a young man in the Branch who just received his mission call. He will be the first Missionary from Malaysia to go to South Africa. It is wonderful to see missionaries from so many countries being called all over the world.
Tan Jie Yao reading his mission call


Brother Tan, Wee Ming and Sister Poo Im took us to the largest display of crystals in Malaysia. It was beautiful. There is a mountain that has many caves and all of the crystals came from it. If you water the crystals they will grow. We purchased a small crystal and Sharon is watering it about 3 times a week and it is growing surprising fast.
Brother Wee Ming, Pei Chen and Sister Poh Im. All of the crystals came out of the mountain in the picture

Kamron and Nabeela

The Sisters are teaching this family. They are from Pakistan and are refugees in Malaysia. He was a police officer and was receiving so much persecution because he is a Christian. His life was threatened several time. Their neighbors would not let the children pay with their children because they said they were dirty. When they went into a restaurant they were asked if they were Christian when they said yes the owner would refuse service. Kamron was almost killed several times so they decided to get out. What a wonderful family and they have a Baptism date set. It has been a pleasure to get to know them.

Kamron, Nabeela, Isaac and Jerusa

Home teaching

One of our home teaching families is a single sister who lives in Taiping. It takes us about 1 hour to drive to Taiping. She comes to church almost every week. Sometimes we invite her for Sunday Dinner and home teaching and sometimes we drive to Taiping and spend the day to do home teaching.
There is a zoo in Taiping which we enjoyed and it is a beautiful town.
Sister Yeoh, Phooi Yin (Angela)

The tree branches form a canopy for the road
Shark fin to be added to the soup (a delicacy)

We had a wonderful day at the Zoo with Sister Angels it was interesting to see monkeys running all over the zoo