Thursday, August 21, 2014

Food of Penang

Saturday evening sister Chrissy took the missionaries to some Hocker stands. This is Malaysia's food court and Penang is famous for its food. Very Interesting, the oysters and scrambled eggs are a specialty ( the scrambled eggs were ok ).

Oysters and scrambled eggs

Malaysian food court

Birthday party 15 August 2014

We had a surprise birthday party for Sister Chrissy ( the Seminary teacher ) and Jie Yao ( one of the students ). We bake cakes for the parties and everyone else brings pot luck. It was a lot of fun for all who attended.
Sister Chrissy ( next to Sister Angus )

It was a great party
Dick Yhep invited all of the missionaries in the branch to help him celebrate his birthday, we went to a Korean Bar-B-Que where they bring the food and we cook it on the grill in the middle of the table.

We made the muffins for his Birthday cake

Moon cakes

On the first Monday of September the Moon Cake festival will be held and the branch is having a social to celebrate. PK is showing us how to make the moon cake for the party. The light filling ball is Lotus paste and the dark filling ball is red bean paste. A lot of desert have beans in them (interesting taste ) these are our first try at making moon cakes. We are going to try again on Friday.
Filling rolled into balls

Finished moon cakes the square ones have lotus paste filling and the round ones have red bean paste filling

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Zone meeting and activity August 18 and 19

We had zone activity and zone meeting in Ipoh. The missionaries had a badminton tournament. It is very popular in Malaysia. The zone leaders were the winners with the Penang sisters coming in second. Every one had a great time. Sister Kris Provides almost everything for the Ipoh missionaries and when we have zone meeting there they always provide the meal and it is very good. The missionaries say that it is like going to heaven when they are transferred to Ipoh.

Our zone after the last transfer
  We stopped at the Mosque in Kuala Kongsar so the sisters could get a picture.

Sister Lewis,  Sister Alfrey and Sister Angus


There is a tree at the church that has very interesting fruit. It is formed on the trunk and when ripe it smells nice but it is full of little worms and flies so you cannot eat it. Within a day of it hitting the ground it is spoiling and covered with mold that is about 3/8" long. It makes such a mess on the ground. For about two weeks President Ricky rakes them up every day and fills a garbage can full. He does not like the tree.

Very interesting fruit

Can you see the little fly on the fruit?

Friday, August 1, 2014

Penang Street Art

There is a section of downtown where there is street art, some is painted and has been here before the second world war. Some is interactive and some is bent using pencil rod. All of it is very interesting. Fun to walk around seeing it and watching the people.

Bent from steel rod

Sister Alfrey hitching a ride
A relaxing way to see the art.

Your coach has arrived