Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Couples Conference June 2014

Mission Couples

West Malaysia Zones
We have a Couples Conference every 3 months in Singapore. We only get 90 days on our Passport stamps so we must leave the Country every 3 months to get our Passports chopped. We have Zone Conference and Couples Conference at this time and we can stay in Singapore an extra day to see the sites if we want to pay for the hotel.
The conferences were great, very informative and spiritual. This time there are 18 missionaries going home, when they shared their testimonies before going home it was such a special experience. There are also 4 couples going home before our next conference so they each had a presentation on their experiences.

On our extra day we went to Santosa Island. It is an amusement park and has a great aquarium. We had a very nice day, starting with a ride on the MRT. We rode the Trolley over to the island, a great view of the area and the interesting architecture of Singapore.
some of the beautiful building in Singapore

Our ride to the  island
There are always many ships around Singapore

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