Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chinese New Years

This holiday lasts for 15 days and it is a time for families to get together. It started on 18 February and we were invited to 4 different homes for dinner. It is tradition to have steamboat where they have different foods that are cooked in a broth, when they are cooked you just take some and put it on your plate. When it is finished they put more food in the pot and this goes on for hours. So much food and it just keeps coming.
We had steamboat three times in two days and another Chinese New Year dinner at another home that was not steamboat and a dinner with another family at a very nice restaurant during the holiday. We spent one week of the holiday in Singapore. It is a wonderful holiday, they invited us into their homes and treated us like family.
The Lim family

Steamboat at the Lim's

Waiting for the food to cook

Meal 2 steamboat with Sister Angela and Shiau Sei

Preparing steamboat at our house Meal 3
Steamboat with the Soon's (they wanted to fix it at our home)

Chinese New Year with Sister Jody

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