Thursday, April 23, 2015

Temple trip

On March 30, 2015 we had another trip to Manila. Brother Ming Tan and Brother Titus received their Endowments. Brother Ming and Sister Poh Im were sealed and Brother Titus was sealed to his parents. There were many ordinances performed for deceased family members.
It was a wonderful trip members of the group receiving their Patriarchal blessings.
Waiting at the Air Port for our flight
What a beautiful morning
Headed to the Temple (left to right Sister Angus, Brother Titus, Brother Tan Wee Ming, Sister Lim Poh Im and Sister Angela Wong

What a wonderful day
After the Endowment session

Coming out of the tunnel,that goes under the road from patron housing to the Temple grounds

Ready to go to the airport after a great three days in  the Temple doing work for the living and the dead

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