Thursday, February 13, 2014

10 February 2014

On Monday for "P" day we went with the missionaries to Penang hill to ride the tram to the top and see the sights. It was very interesting and a beautiful view. It has not rained since we arrived and they are burning the sugar cane fields in Thailand so it is quite smokey. Each year Malaysia sues them for polluting the air but I Thailand just pretends like there are no fires.

   A view of  Georgetown from Penang Hill

Sister  Bradfield, Sister Romney, Elder Sutherland, Malvinder, Elder Ung, Sister Angus and I. We had a good time on Penang hill. It was cooler and an interesting place to visit. There is a Hindu Sanctuary on top of the hill that was very interesting to see. Muslin, Hindu and Christianity are the main religions in the country.

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