Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our first weeks in Penang 15 February 2014

We enjoy our time with the young missionaries, they are so energetic and so excited about the message they have to share. A few weeks before we arrived the area was "white washed" all of the missionaries that were here were transferred out and all new missionaries were moved in. The new missionaries didn't know their way around and they didn't have anyone except "eternal investigators" to teach but they went to work with a map to get a round and they have found some wonderful people to teach.

We have attended District meeting and we went to Ipoh for a zone activity and meeting. Ipoh is about a two hour drive from Penang. It is on  the mainland of west Malaysia  and it was a beautiful drive. Zone activity was bowling, I have never been very good at it, and it was very fun. We stayed the night and had zone meeting the next day. The Zone Leaders did such a good job of teaching and getting everyone excited.

 Sharon is ready to bowl.


All of the Missionaries at Zone Meeting ready to eat. The food was great and they know how to eat.

 Sister Joyce's father passed away and we went to       
the funeral. It was a Hindu funeral with the Branch     
President conducting after which he was cremated.
 His brother was a Hindu Monk and very nice.
 He helped the Missionaries get
around when they first came to Penang.


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  2. Hey, if you get this soon can you let me know how I can get a hold of Br. and Sister Angus? I had lunch with them yesterday and didn't get their contact information. I have a Malaysian friend I'd like to invite for lunch next week if they're cool with it. My name is Br. Ward, they'll know who I am.