Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our work 22 February 2014

We are a taxi service during transfers. We have made 6 trips to the airport to take Elders and Sisters and pick them up. It is a Muslin country and they cannot change religions. We cannot teach them or we could get kicked out of the country. When the missionaries go to the airport they dress in casual clothes and do not wear their name tags. It is suprising how many countries do not want the church in their country. They limit the time missionaries can be here so all of us make trips out of the country every 90 days to get passports stamped. It is very expensive but the church wants to obey the law.

We have been teaching the new member discussions to Sister Sri Davi Ramaswamy. She has been baptised about three months. She lives with Sister Shoba Scott. They are both from India, working for Intel designing a new chip for the I-phone. Their contract is up the end of March and they will be going back to India. Our goal is to have all of the new  member discussions completed before they go. We meet in their home and it is such a pleasure to teach them. Sister Davi is so excited to learn all she can. She is the only member in her family.

It was Sister Shoba's birthdayand it is her tradition to take her friends and family out to dinner. We were invited to go with them and the Sister Missionaries. It was a very nice evening. They are going to come to the house and teach (try) us how to make Indian food.

From left to right Shoba, Sri Davi, Sister Bradfield, Sister Romney and us

Shoba in her Indian dress

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