Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Life on a Mission 25 March 2014

Everyone should have one of these
I finally found the button. If I stand here and push the button I will stay off the road and my safety will not be threatened. The problem is, this is in a Mall and I can not stay here. I guess I will just hope for the best and trust the Lord as we drive over here.

Butterworth-Penang bridge

This is the bridge from Penang to Butterworth and it is over 6 miles long. If we take the wrong turn there is no way to turn around.  We have to get on the bridge, drive, across, turn around, pay the toll and drive back across to get where we want to be it takes a good 20 minutes.
Sometimes life is that way, when we make a wrong turn we have certain requirements to do in order to get back where we want to be. It can be quite challenging to get back but if we follow the steps and pay the toll we can get where we want to be.
We made the wrong turn once, when we were with President Lai visiting the Seminary students. We were on our way to an appointment. We were not watching as closely as we should have been. It made us late for our appointment and that made us late for our next appointment. We had a 3 hour break which gave us a chance to catch up for our last appointment.

Sister Perkins (holding the blue quilt) and her husband are Ex-Pats, who have had a contract in Malaysia for work, has started the sisters making quilts. Seems funny in a country where it very seldom gets below 80 degrees but the members love them. Sister Joyce (green quilt) has a day care and she wanted quilts for the children to use. It gives us a chance to get to know the members better so we went over and helped her make them. This is getting to be quite common, we have helped on quite a few quilts and it helps us get to know the members

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