Saturday, March 22, 2014

Activities is the Penang Branch 19 March 2014

Tan Family and President and Sister Mains our Mission President

The  baptism of Brother Tan Wee Ming was a great event in the Penang Branch. All of his family except
himself and their youngest son, Tan Jie Yang have been members for quite a few years. He has been very involved in branch activities for years and has been very good to help clean the building and bring his son to early morning Seminary. He has given rides to the other students and helped any way he can. His baptism was very well attended including his sisters and Sister Pah Im's Mother.They are not  members but family is very important to them.
His baptism reminded how important families are in the plan of our Heavenly Father and  why Temples and the work completed in them is so important to us. We are so grateful that we have had the opportunity to be sealed in the Temple and have the opportunity to be an "Eternal Family". I cannot imagine heaven without all of our family with us.

Brother Tan Wee Ming and his son Elder Tan

Sisters from the Penang Branch and Sister Mains
On Saturday there was a Women's Conference for the District. Sisters from Ipoh, Sitiwan and Penang attended. Sister Angus spoke and then conducted a workshop on journaling and the importance of journals. She did a very good job and everyone had a good time.There was a very nice meal and all of the participants received a matching tee shirt.
Sisters from the District
 We have been asked to have the Young Single Adults Family Home Evening in our home.We include all of the Single Adults in the branch. We have a great time and it is a good missionary tool. The Missionaries bring their investigators. There is a lesson and activity as well as treats. It is pot lock and we furnish a dish and drinks. It has given us an opportunity to get to know the members and investigators better.

President Lai is the man on the far right
President Lai is the Stake President in Singapore, he is also over the Seminary and Institute Programs in the Mission. The young  people in the church have such a hard time finding a member to marry that the need to attend a church school to find a companion.The leaders in the branch and  district do not fully understand the requirements and they go strictly by the letter of the law as they interpret it. It causes hard feeling with the members so we wanted to know what the requirements are. It was a very informative day and President Lai is a wonderful man.
Sister Lisa, Sister Romney, Sister Shoba, Sister Bradfield, Sisters SriDavi, Perkins and Michelle

Alex and Vanessa
 We have young people attend the branch quite often who are backpacking around 
Asia and stop on Sunday for church. Alex and Vanessa have been working on a Cruise Ship for about 5 years. They have been married for a year and completed their contracts so they decided to tour Asia before settling down. Alex is from England, not a member and Vanessa is from Orem.

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