Friday, March 21, 2014

Our work 21 March 2014

We have had several assignments over the past couple of weeks. We were asked to substitute teach Seminary for two weeks. Up at 5:00am and at the church ready to teach at 5:45am so we could be finished by 6:30 so the students could be on time for school. It was a wonderful experience, teaching not getting up so early, the students were great and we to love them. They are very quiet but have a strong desire to learn about the  Book of Mormon.
Addy, Jie Yao and Danielle

We are getting to know the members. We have better luck remembering the members when we can meet with individual families. Sometimes we go to their homes to visit and sometimes they come to ours. We had the Yong family over for Sunday dinner.  We roasted a chicken and had rice only to learn that King Son doesn't like chicken but their son, Zi Heng loved the rice and now he wants to come over to our home for rice all the time. He also likes cake. Next time we will fix fish and rice.

King son, May Ling, Zi Heng and Zi Yao

Zi Heng is very cute and so polite. He tells
his  father that he "can not" do something
and on their way home he will smooth it
over by saying how sorry he is.

Brother Phillip loves to fish so we went fishing with him. We had a lot  of fun and we caught some "big" fish.
Malvinder said we needed to catch 20 fish as a goal. We caught about 30 but some were to small to keep, about 2" and some were puffer fish which are posionious. The biggest fish was caught by Malvinder, an 8" catfish and I caught a small sting ray which was a very valuable catch. The sting ray is very good eating they say.

Big fish Brother Phillip and Malvinder
 Sister Chrissy and her family took all the missionaries out for a special dinner. We went to a Korean restaurant which was very nice. You get your food at a buffet line and then take it to your table where there is a bar-b-que to cook your own food. There was chicken, beef, squid, lamb and pork marinated in different sauces as well as many different kind of fish balls, vegetables, fruits and ice cream, the missionaries favorite.
Front to back Elder Ung, Joselyn, Sister Chrissy, Joash, Elder Sutherland, Sister Bradfield and Sister Romney
It was very good but you had to be sure the meat was cooked enough. It is called a soup bowl and some places in the mission are off limits because the missionaries weren't cooking it long enough and  they were getting sick. We ate some interesting things, but very good.
 Joash is preparing to go on a mission this summer.

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