Thursday, March 20, 2014

Our trip to the beach 24 February 2014

Just before transfers, some of the missionaries wanted to go to the beach, we had a good time. It is the Penang National Park and we were headed for Monkey beach. It is an hour walk through the jungle and along the beach, a beautiful hike. We got of the trail somehow but we made it to the beach and we saw monkeys so everyone was happy.      
Sister Angus slipped and cut her leg on some barnacles growing on the rocks. Because of her injury and because we needed to be home for YSA FHE, which we hold in our home, we hurried home. We will go back to see the things we missed.
Sister Bradfield gets directions


This is where we want to go

I don't know how we got off the trail but
Sister Romney said they were at Monkey
beach earlier and where we ran out of trail
was not where we were headed for.

Waiting to collect the toll

We went with the Elders when they taught Brother Ming Tan the lesson before his Baptism interview. We will be teaching the new member discussions to him. He is a wonderful man, most of his family are members. His youngest son, Jie Yang is  not ready to be baptized. Their eldest son, Tian Muh is serving a mission in the Singapore Mission. Their middle son, Jie Yao is getting ready to turn in his papers about May. They are a wonderful family, Sister Poh Im Tan, the mother is the Relief Society President and Brother Ming Tan has been the best "dry Mormon" in the branch for quite a while. He has been waiting for Jie Yang to want to be baptized. Elder Tan has special permission to come home and baptize his Father. It is going to be a great Branch activity.

Back row left to right Elder Ung, Elder Sutherland, Malvinder Singh, Brother Tan, Jie Yang and Sister Tan

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