Thursday, April 10, 2014

Singapore Trip

We attended Couples Conference and Zone Conference in Singapore on April 1st and 2nd. Both were great conferences where we received much needed instruction on the, My Family, booklet and how we can use it in our work. We have three families we would like to get started on the program. We also learned more about the Book of Remembrance that new converts receive and how it will help them with their history. They are both great programs designed to help us with our Family History and remind us of the special events in our lives and how they made us feel.

Dinner with the Couples
It was wonderful to meet the other couples serving in the mission and learn about them and their experiences. We have two couples who are serving for 6 months, 18 months and 23 months. Senior couples are so needed and the new programs are so flexible.
Our passport stamp allows us to be in Malaysia 90 days and then we must leave the country for a few days.  We have Zone and Couples conferences about every 3 months and then we can stay in Singapore for an extra day or two at our own expense and see the country. We were not sure how to go about this so we just stayed 1 extra day. The NRT (underground mass transit system) is wonderful, we can go anywhere on it and it is very economical to use. We went to the bay area and had a great day. The botanical garden was beautiful, they have a rain forest dome and a flower dome as well as a huge garden area with "Super Trees".
They have a light show at night that was beautiful.
Inside the rain forest dome

view from the Lilly pond

super trees

Light show
famous Hotel complex
We went to a food court to get something for lunch. This is the way the food was displayed, you just tell them what you want for lunch and they get it for you.
Lunch anyone?

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