Thursday, April 10, 2014

Activities at home

Our home has become quite an activity center. President Mains asked us to have the singles FHE at our home instead of the church which has been very fun. We wanted to have a Temple Preparation class and have it in our home. That has been wonderful, we have 3 families attending, they want to learn and we are getting to know them better. The missionary sisters come up and help with the 4 young children, they are such a big help and after the lesson we have something to eat and have a question and answer time, we have never bought so much pop in our life. It is a special experience for all. President Mains said we would be able to attend the Temple with Branch members twice while we are here, we hope at least some of the families will go this time. We will go to the Philippines.
Martin Danielle, Ngee Hsing, Knee Wen, Knee Yong, Martin Hillary, Gent Khai Javen, Tien Kit Addy and Gent Hoong (left to right and bottom to top)

 Our Temple Preparation class, the Yong, Lim and M. Rajoo famlies
We have correlation  meeting in our home every other week with the Branch Mission leader and the missionaries for our branch.
This week is transfers and we are loosing Sister Romney and Elder Ung. We will miss them but look forward to getting to know two more missionaries. This week for our "P" day activity all of the missionaries in the district came to our home for a good bye party. They had fun playing games, talking and eating. They are a great group of young people, such strong testimonies and good teachers. They can also eat a lot of food.
It is a pleasure to associate with them and feel of  their spirit. They truly are the elect of God sent out to work in the vineyard one last time. The missionary program of today is not only to find those the Lord has prepared but also to prepare the Lord's army for this final gathering.

Party for those being transferred 10 April 2014

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