Thursday, April 10, 2014

Activities 12 March 2014

On our preparation days we usually go someplace with the missionaries. sometime all of the missionaries in the district go and sometimes just some of the missionaries but we try to go with them whenever they go go somewhere. They are are a great group of young people who are very dedicated and knowledgeable in the Gospel. They are very committed to sharing the Gospel and are wonderful teachers. They do enjoy their "P"
days and like to see the sites and do different things each week.
We went to the Pewter foundry and they showed us around and then we went to their "School of Hard Knocks", different than the one I have attended all my life, but we had a good time. It was very noisy.

We got to keep the bowl we made as a souvenir.
They had a money tree. It was not for sale  and it looks different than I had imagined but I have seen a money tree. The problem is, money still does not grow on trees.

We went to the Botanical Gardens with the s Sisters but it has been so dry that there were not many flowers and the grass was brown and dead except where they had watered it.

Sister Bradfield says we do not have any rules like they do so she
was going to help
Time to cool off

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