Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our flight

Bill took us to the airport in Salt Lake City Monday the 27th of January. We left at 5:00pm headed for Singapore with a change of planes in San Francisco. We left there at 12:05am and arrived about 12:00pm on the 29th of January very tired of traveling. President and Sister Mains met us at the airport (Sharon was afraid no one would be there) took us to get some lunch and then to their apartment where we had a nap. They fixed us dinner and we went back to sleep The next morning we had training and then Elder and Sister Taylor showed us some of China town while we waited for our flight to Penang.
We were met by President and Sister Perkins, the Elders quorum President. They drove us to our apartment and we crashed again. We live in a very nice apartment, the penthouse, with four bedrooms and four baths. It is on two levels.

It is Chinese New Year and they celebrate for 15 days so there are fireworks going off every night and a lot  of the stores are closed.We have to wait to get our phone and internet for a week. We feel very out of touch.

 A night view from our balcony.

 Celebrations in China Town.

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